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How should I work out for maximum strength and results?

Through many, many years of training, studying, and figuring out the answer to the question of how to best use our time working out, we've come up with a solid workout plan. So solid we believe it is the absolute best way to work out in the world.

We use 4 workouts in a continual sequence. You start with the first one, and the very next time you go to the gym, you move on to the next one. Eventually, you can have a morning workout and go on to the next workout in the sequence later that day. No more "Leg Day" or "Chest Day." When you get sick, rest, and then get right back on track. When you have the energy for Two-A-Days, you can now do it without throwing off your daily schedule.

You can go through them in order Push > Pull > Lift > Prehab > and repeat!

This way you are balanced whether you work out 3 days per week, 6 days per week, or even twice per day. Keep moving on to the next workout and never stop for the rest of your life and you might be the next master of body weight strength!

All moves within each workout are organized by level 1 (easiest) to 7 (ninja). Very few human beings on the planet can do one of the level 7 moves.

We don't know anyone who can do all of the moves at a 7 consistently. They are meant to be rediculously challenging by design!

But anyone can start with level 1 no matter how new or out of shape.