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This site is dedicated to body weight strength training through free workout videos.

Your body is your gym!

I encourage you to try an all new way of working out to maximize strength and athleticism. There's a set of movements that challenge your ability to master your own body weight. I call them the power moves.

With this training philosophy your joints, tendons, and ligaments are developed to become as strong as (or even stronger than) the muscles they are attached to. This site is here to help you learn to master your own body weight.

One of my favorite body weight strength training books is Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade.

Exercise for how you feel. Do it for health.

My absolute favorite fitness book is Spark.

Incremental daily improvement

I believe in safe and progressive movement. Don't do more than you are able to control. But keep pushing yourself a little more each day.

Progression is more important than variety. If you have to be entertained every time you work out with new fancy moves, then you don't have the discipline to train for the long haul and your results will suffer. Focus on getting better at the most important moves. Stop switching up your moves every time you work out.

Life is short. Make it sweet.

Becoming more minimalistic in your lifestyle choices (shedding the unnecessary) will maximize the quality of your life through options. "The things you own end up owning you." - Fight Club

I highly value travel, purposeful agendas, and mini-retirements.

Check out the book The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss to learn more about some very interesting lifestyle design topics.

I promote a no drugs, minimal supplements, and no chemicals approach to nutrition. Keep yourself pure and clean for lifelong health. The best nutrients are naturally occurring and readily available. There is no need for magic pills and drug abuse to feel and look great.

Detoxify your body regularly

Check out my 14-Day Espresso Detox.

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