We combine high-intensity fat shredding cardio intervals with body shaping exercises for the perfect slim, lean, and toned bodies.

About James Bootcamp


I'm James and that's me in the pic.

I have a boot camp, and I also have specialized 1on1 body transformation programs for men and women.

I know that gyms can be intimidating, so I'm happy to be part of a very cool gym with no egos. Everyone feels very comfortable working out here.

Women's Body Transformation Workouts

In the women's body transformation program I specialize in helping women target their trouble areas and transform their bodies fast!

My clients include models from Victoria's Secret, The Tyra Banks Show, American Idol, world famous singers and musicians, and my workouts have sculpted bodies in popular music videos, runways, magazine photo shoots, billboards, and big screen appearances.

Many of my clients are brand new to working out so don't be shy or feel like you have to be a supermodel to work out with me. (I only mention this because I get this question at least twice per week.)

Women come to me after trying diet pills, starvation diets, or even dangerous drugs to lose weight. In my research I've discovered that women just want to feel pretty, desired, appreciated, respected, sexy, and confident.

Most women are willing to do whatever it takes to get the right body. I'm here to make sure that you get results fast, and to make sure that you do it safely (and not like a dufus).

Men's Body Transformation Workouts

Men often seek me out after realizing that out of nowhere they can no longer button their favorite pair of pants. Creeping obesity is a true wake up call. Men who are overweight get passed up for job promotions, have more lower back pain, and even have troubled relationships more often than fit men.

I'll be very straight forward and say that my program is more for guys who want abs and want to look great in a t-shirt. It is not for know it alls, meat heads, or guys who want to use steroids.

Since I'm from California, I've trained a lot of surfers and snowboarders. I've also trained a lot of musicians, soccer players, and of course CEOs, managers, sales people, and every day guys.

I can teach you how to do the human flag, muscle-ups, one arm pull-ups, one arm push-ups, and I can help you get really ripped abs like an underwear model while increasing strength and performance.


Before trying another crazy or extreme method to get the body you want, know that my clients report feeling energized, tight, toned, mood balanced, more attractive, empowered, appreciated, accomplished, healthy, fit, and better than ever in their favorite clothes, suits, t-shirts, bikinis, tank tops, dresses, jeans, and even naked.

These words are not mine. They come straight from the more than 1,000 emails, texts, thank you cards, and testimonials I've received in my 15 years training so far.

For media interviews or appearances, or live speaking requests email me here.

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